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Welcome to the online press kit for Sai Maa

Mastering Life

Sai Maa Energizes People Globally

With Her Message of Love

Facing strife, stress and economic uncertainty, people across the globe have found new joy, purpose and juiciness in life through the teachings of Her Holiness Sai Maa.


Sai (pronounced like sigh) is a title of respect and distinction. Maa (like a baby calls its mom) means "Divine Mother" in Sanskrit. Serving the role as a mother for humanity, Sai Maa works to eliminate pain and suffering through humanitarian relief and therapeutic practices for healing, personal transformation and renewed life the world over.


"She enlivens people and then gives them the power to stay enlivened," says Dr. Stephen Wechsler, leader of one of Sai Maa's North American communities in Syracuse, N.Y. "She starts the fire and she gives us tools to keep the fire going."


Sai Maa's unique background as a successful businesswoman, French political leader and lifelong advocate for women's empowerment and human dignity sets her apart among spiritual leaders. Her Western perspective of Eastern tradition prepared her for a life of service which she now provides the world through programs such as:


Journey of Profound Healing, a week-long gathering in which participants discover their core being, release their deepest wounds and experience spiritual rebirth. This is accomplished not through chanting, meditation or yoga but through Sai Maa's ability to help each person experience healing. People who arrive feeling old, angry and shriveled, leave with a youthful vibrancy and new love of life. "On a surface level from the outside, the Journey of Profound Healing looks like group therapy in a way," says Tyler Freedman, master program leader for Sai Maa and a leader of AWAKE, a program that creates youth leaders to uplift humanity through selfless service and love. "Maa is a master of energy and is able to work with that to release the wound at a core level...It's a fundamental shift in that person's identity as they're no longer identified by that wound in their life."


Journey of Profound Union For Lovers, a week-long program for couples in which Sai Maa helps teach them to become "divine lovers" and rejuvenate their relationships.


Life Divine Over 50 centers and communities have formed around the world in support of Sai Maa's educational and humanitarian work. These centers are located throughout the US, as well as in South America, Canada, France, Belgium, England, Ireland, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and India.


Humanity In Unity, a non-profit organization that supports the expansion of Sai Maa's educational and humanitarian activities around the world.


Sai Maa inspires everyone she comes in contact with, either personally or through technology, to become more aware and make choices and decisions to fulfill their divine purpose. Her practical teachings help people to act powerfully in their daily lives and relate to one another in oneness, compassion and love.


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Public website: http://www.sai-maa.com


Media Contact is Michelle Tennant: Michelle@publicityresults.com, 828-749-3200, or blog http://www.StorytellerToTheMedia.com






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